State of Vaud

The State of Vaud is an invaluable supporter of our Etivaz PDO cheese, the pearl of Vaud.

It's in the mountain pastures of the Vaud region that our cheese develops all its characteristics, thanks to the well-preserved flora of the Vaud Alps.

Swiss alpine cheese

The Swiss Alpine Cheese umbrella brand was created by the Swiss Alpine Society (SSEA) and the Swiss Milk Producers (PSL) federation. Its aim is to promote regional and national collaboration between alpine cheese dairies, support their cheese marketing activities, promote sales and strengthen the competitiveness of alpine cheeses.

Swiss PDO-PGI Association

The aim of the Swiss PDO-IPG association is :

  • introduce Swiss consumers to the concepts of PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication)
  • offer producers a PDO and PGI logo
  • bring together on a single platform all professionals involved in protected designations of origin and geographical indications.
  • defend PDO and PGI policy and the interests of the industry