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L’Etivaz AOP

The leading Alpine cheese

The aromas of the mountains, enhanced by wood-fired cheesemaking

L’Etivaz AOP is a hard Alpine cheese made by hand from 10 May to 10 October, with raw milk, fresh from the farm. ver 3,000 cows graze in about 130 Alpine pastures located at altitudes of 1,000 to 2,000 metres, supplying each day rich, floral milk that is heated exclusively over wood fires in copper cauldrons. The ripening process brings out the rich, powerful aromas that come from the wide variety of grasses eaten by the cows.

The production process

From milking to cheese pressing, there are several stages in the process of bringing out the best in milk milked at altitude.

How to cook L'Etivaz AOP cheese?

Discover a selection of recipes for working with L'Etivaz AOP cheese in the kitchen. Recipes that follow the seasons, presented on video!

Retrouvez par exemple les Asperges gratinées au râpé de L’Etivaz à Rebibe AOP pour un repas gourmand et printanier.


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